The views of borderlines on how borderlines are different:

"We struggle because we are the ones who feel things harder and stronger than everyone else, as someone said on the forums - no-one will ever love you like a borderline, if only we could find someone to love us back. Thus, the problem is not that we feel things more strongly, but that everyone else feels things less. They should change to be like us, if everyone loved as hard and hurt as much as we do, the world would surely be a much more beautiful place."

"If only everyone had as much compassion for others as we borderlines, the world would be a far happier place. If only there were somewhere in the world we could all live together in peace and mutual understanding."

"We're good people to turn to when you feel shitty. Whatever mood you're feeling at the time, chances are we've felt that exact way 3 times before we even ate breakfast.

"Other people go through their entire lives without feeling close to what we do, the good and the bad. I have a friend who's an author who always tells me he wishes he had my passion for life, and that he makes his living by writing about emotions he could never have, yet he knows I've had stronger ones. People with bpd really know how to appreciate experiences fully, give ourselves to the moment and experience it to an extreme few people will ever know."

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