I kept reading the word "Splitting" in articles and conversations about BPD, didn't really understand it, this lady explains it pretty well. Except in terms of colour, my white people are green, and my black people are white.

Taken from Walking the Borderline

"It is very important to me that you understand that the terms "white" and black" are terms in regards to splitting.

Splitting is a round about way for the bpd to protect themselves. It's a division of the world into "good" and "bad".

The "good" things are "white". They are the people in our lives we consider safe and good and pure. If someone is white you see no bad in them. They may be rescuing you from something bad or they maybe be keeping the world around you white.

The "bad" things are "black" or "evil". They are the people who cause us pain, or won't give us our way. They are the people you turn away from and seek out the good people instead of.

Splitting is an inability to hold opposing thoughts. If they do something wrong or hurtful they must be bad or black, and it is therefor impossible for them to have any good in them. And if someone is white, they can do no wrong. They are a shelter, a protector from all the is bad in the world.

It is easy to think you are in love with someone who is white to you. They show a little affection, you show some back, and you have it made. They are your personal savior and you are head over heels with them on a pedestal. They can literally do no wrong. Until they hurt you. And then there is very rarely any going back. That person is suddenly black. It's easy to go from white to black, but much harder, if not impossible, to go from black to white."

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